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The University of Northern Iowa Center for Business Growth and Innovation is pleased to bring you the 2015 Iowa Small Business Report. This year’s report is based on a statewide survey that has been conducted annually for four consecutive years, covering the Iowa business owner and entrepreneur experience. Each year the survey measures sales trends, job growth or loss, capital acquired, and use of technology among Iowa owners of fewer than 50 employees. The reports from 2015 and 2014 are available for download below. We hope you will read these publications and come away as inspired as we are by the men and women who are working every day in small companies across our great state, contributing to our collective economic prosperity.

To request print copies of either report or just give your feedback, please fill out our survey feedback form.

2015 Iowa Small Business Report (PDF)

View the 2015 Iowa Small Business 
Report (PDF)

2014 Iowa Small Business Report (PDF)

View the 2014 Iowa Small Business
Report (PDF)

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Annually, the UNI Center for Business Growth and Innovation conducts a statewide survey of small businesses in Iowa. In the survey, owners are asked to provide data that is used to benchmark the health of Iowa’s business community. Every year we also take a deep dive into an important topic shaping our economy. Whether it’s a review of the state of women entrepreneurship, technology trends in business, or an understanding of the perceptions of government that Iowa owners hold, you can trust UNI for the vital data needed for key stakeholders to make informed decisions. Examples of organizations that depend on the longitudinal data our Center provides include the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women, Iowa Council of Governments, and the Governor’s Office. Other peer research institutions have used our survey insights to enhance our local and national understanding of entrepreneurship.

To ensure entrepreneurs get the assistance they need, it’s important that resource providers and other key stakeholders have a clear assessment of the current business landscape. The Iowa Small Business Survey provides an excellent view into the ever-changing dynamics of Iowa businesses; outlining issues to be addressed and opportunities to be cultivated for future business growth.

Amy Kuhlers, Iowa Economic Development Authority