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Talk to an entrepreneur and they will not hesitate to tell you how difficult it is to access capital, technical assistance, and the other unknown resources and services to start or expand a business in your state. They search one website then another – and still yet another – and often come away frustrated and empty-handed. Where’s the one-stop online shop when you need it?

Connections is a robust online technology that brings together all the service providers in your region or state in one simple place. There are lots of ways for entrepreneurs to find what they need via the Connections platform; map it, keyword search it, pick from a list, or even connect up an individual expert. Easy. Fast. Efficient.

Connections takes key information about public sector programs, organizations, and staff expertise and places it into an intuitive database that does more than ‘list stuff’. Your service providers share their data and expertise one time, then have the ability to easily update and change it whenever they need to. We give you the chance to really make an impression at Connections; share your social media links or post a statement of personal expertise along with your website, email, and phone number(s). Drop in your photo and your organization’s logo too! All connections service providers have access to their own information and can update or pull usage reports at any time.

Get connected with small business in your state with our licensable Connections web portal. Contact Us to get started!